How to Connect to Xbox Live Through Vista Laptop

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Step 1: Connect your Game System to the Laptop. To do this, use an ethernet cable that hooks the laptop into the back of the Xbox 360.

Step 2:Connect your laptop to the Internet. Go to Start Menu>>Connect To, then pick the Wireless Network you use to connect your laptop to the internet.

Step 3: Share The Internet Connection with the Console. Go to Start Menu>>Control Panel>>Network and Internet>>Network Sharing Center>>Manage Network Connections. You should now see at least two connection, the two important ones are: Wireless Network Connection, this is your connection to the internet, and Local Area Connection, this is your connection to the Console. At this point we can try a few things, first, simply try to select both of these connections, right click, and select bridge connections. This should bridge the internet connection to the Console. Run a test on your Gaming System to see if it worked. If this didn't work, delete the bridge and we can try one more thing. Right Click Wireless Network Connection>>Properties>>Sharing.

Now you should see two check boxes. Check both of them, and then select settings by the second check box. This should bring up a lot more check boxes under the services tab. Check all of them. Now, try running another test with your Console to see if its connected to Live. If it still is not connected, go back to the manage network connections page. Press Tab>>Advanced>>Advanced Settings. You should now see a bunch of network stuff with green arrows on the right side. On the second box down you should see two sub categories, one will say Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) the second will say Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/Ipv4). Try switching their order with the green arrows. Now it will work if it is ever going to. Also, make sure your firewall and other security settings are off. To adjust them go to Start Menu>>Control Panel>>Security>>Security Center.

Step 4: Get Xbox Live Gold. If you want to play games online against other people, you are going to need  Gold. Sign into a profile and press the Big "X" on your controller. Go to the Live Tab and do join xbox live.

Most Console's come with a month free, if not, you can easily purchase a subscription card at local game stores. Or, simply use your credit card to order a subscription, your choice.

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How to Connect to Xbox Live Through Vista Laptop

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This article was published on 2010/03/28