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The most confusing part of demand-dial routing configurationthe part that makes A+ Exams configuration complexis the configuration of connection addressing. Several factors make this so:
The connection uses a user account for authentication, but the user account does not belong to any user on the network.
The user account identified on the local VPN server must exist on the remote VPN server. This account name must match the demand-dial interface of the remote
VPN server.
The user account must be authorized to make a remote access connection.
The endpoint address can be either a phone number (for a connection over the public phone network) or an IP address (for a connection over an IP network
such as the Internet).
Demand-dial routing is initiated in one direction: one VPN server acts as the client and requests a connection with the second. However, both VPN servers can be configured to initiate the connection.
Even when one end of the connection will be initiating the connection CompTIA A+ certification, both ends must be configured.

Although it is often difficult to immediately correctly configure the connection, using the method in the following sample scenario will help you to do so with less frustration. Refer to Figure 7-10 for the information used in the table in this sample scenario. Use a table like Table 7-6 along with the following steps to determine the correct con?figuration:
1.Obtain the phone numbers or IP addresses of the two computers that will participate in the demand-dial routing. Enter this information into a table, such as has been done in Table 7-6.
2.Select a name for the connection interface on the local computer. This must be the name of the user account that will be added to the remote account database.
3.Select a name for the connection interface on the CompTIA remote computer. This must be the name of the user account that will be added to the local account database.

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How To Address Connections

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