Broadband Connections - How To Speed Up Yours

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Over the last ten years the internet has evolved drastically. The reason it has changed so much is the progression from the widespread use of 56k dial-up modem connections to broadband internet connections. What this has meant is that coders can integrate more data, more animations, more attractive and complex designs and more media into their websites, and instead of having to wait for a few minutes for one page to load, with many connections nowadays the transition is instantaneous.

Everyone wants a faster internet connection, whether it is for streaming music or movies, surfing websites, gaming or communicating with others. The good news is that there are some easy ways of improving your connection without spending any money, some of which are listed below. Sometimes the easiest and quickest option is the most effective. If you have recently experienced a decrease in your internet access speeds and you are unsure as to why or how it happened, the first thing you should try is to turn off both your pc and router and turn them on again, first the router, then the pc. Sometimes conflicting or incorrect data is loaded by the pc and it could just take a reboot to get things back to normal.

If you are using a wireless connection, it helps to be as close to the wireless router as possible. If it is possible then try to position your wireless router in the same room as your computer, and aim the aerial vertically to ensure the best possible broadcast area. If this is not possible then try to make sure that there is as little as possible, in terms of walls and electrical appliances, in between your pc and the router. Although using a wireless connection is very handy and it certainly looks better than having ethernet cables all over your house, using a cable connection will provide you with a more consistent connection. Ultimately this will make your internet surfing faster as there will be less dropped packets or miscommunications between the router and your pc.

Having a faster computer will also make your internet surfing speeds increase. Although this will not directly affect your bandwidth, it will affect your computers ability to decode and process data and display information. Sometimes this can be as easy as reducing the number of programs that are running on your pc in the background. The easiest way to see that is by looking at the programs in your taskbar. Do you really need all those programs running at once? If your computer decides it needs another program, it can always load it when it wants.

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Broadband Connections - How To Speed Up Yours

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This article was published on 2011/01/08