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AOL offers dial-up internet service, which connects the internet users through email, messaging and online advertising services. Available with various advanced and secure features, the AOL dial-up connection helps in enhancing the broadband connection and also ensures the safety of using broadband for internet access. Based on its features and services, it is considered as the best internet service provider for any network or computer in the world. But in recent times, a number of faulty errors and issues have been reported with the AOL dial-up connections that are causing trouble for the users. Some of the aol problems are minor and can be solved readily, but those that are too complex to be solved on self, require a tech support help to solve them.

Configuring AOL Dial UP Connection Manually

The AOL dial-up connections are flexible and can be configured manually as per your requirement. It has made using AOL much easier. You just need to configure your AOL settings by following the below given steps and then you can sign in to your dial-up connection and start surfing.


  • Click Start / Programs / AOL Dialer, to open your AOL Dialer
  • Click Edit / AOL Dialer Settings / Connectivity and then the Connect Options button
  • Next, click Advanced Settings, on the bottom left of the screen
  • Go to the Modems tab and click Add Modem button on the bottom left, under the Modems tab
  • Choose your modem from the list under the Select Modem Type tab and then click Save and close the Advanced Settings window
  • Close the Connection Options window and then sign into your AOL login

iGennie offers you with the best AOL support for dealing with the problems with aol. Based on this, iGennie tech support has introduced “iGennie Premium Subscription” service for its customers, wherein the expert professionals help you in making your software more functional and guide you through the configuration of your AOL software. The AOL customer services provided at iGennie also include the chat support services

Wherein the customers can discuss their problems with aol mail.

The Common AOL Problems

Modem Dial Tone Problems

This is a common problem which occurs while connecting to AOL. The reason behind this can be the loose modem connection. The phone line should be firmly plugged into the modem jack. Secondly, if the modem is plugged in the Ethernet jack, the dial tone goes off, as the computers do not support Ethernet jack for dial up connections. The iGennie aol help provides you assistance in checking the modem dial tone and helps in resolving the issues, if any.

Phone Number Problems              

If you are having any trouble in connecting through the phone numbers, while using AOL, you can contact aol support for help. Call on any of its tech support numbers, provided to you through AOL and ask for assistance. Another option to resolve this issue is to call any technical support center for assistance. iGennie offers you the instant help for any issues related to AOL. Contact iGennie on its aol support number and you can get instant response and solution for your problem.

Connection Errors

There can be various reasons for the connection errors that you come across while surfing on internet through AOL dial-up. Call on the iGennnie technical support number and get assistance from the aol help executives, who troubleshoot any issues with the connection of AOL dial-up.

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AOL Mail login | AOL Messenger | AOL Games

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This article was published on 2011/10/17